This humanoid figure bears an angelic countenance, but his unworldly beauty is marred by a hideous suit or armor made from what looks to be tree-bark and moss, and he carries a large shield made of moss covered wood that seems to pulse. Seven tentacles protrude from the humanoids back: three seem to have eyes at the end, another three have suckers on their ends, and one seems to end with some sort of mouth and three more smaller tentacles surround the mouth.


Bhodex’av’gr, also known as The Overlord of Corruption, is a Daelkyr Prince and ruler of Yarkuun Draal. From his Court of Foulness he corrupts the Dimensional Seal that binds a portal to Xoriat closed. This corruption has affected the land and plants around the ruined Dhakaani metropolis. He once offered a job to Dve Kulaki, but the Impure Prince rejected his offer. Bhodex’av’gr’s motives aren’t known, but rest assured: he is up to no good.


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