Boranel ir’Wynarn




Born into the aristocracy with his lineage tied to King Jarot, Boranel ir’Wynarn was groomed for leadership from birth. Perhaps the most beloved ruler Breland has ever known, Boranel has certainly had the longest reign since the nation was founded, ruling with strength and wit for 39 years. Boranel was crowned in 961, in what seemed like Breland’s darkest days. His two elder brothers were killed in fighting on the western frontier within the space of a week, and his father, King Boranex, took his own life in grief the following month. The third son, Boranel, never expected to see the throne at all. Still a young man, he was adventuring in Sharn when the news of his father’s unexpected passing forced a swift return to Wroat.

Boranel received a broad education, giving him agood basis upon which to make decisions. He learned all of the languages common to Breland, which helped him understand the diverse cultures that make up the cosmopolitan nation. The young noble also studied strategy guides and tactical journals of battles. He and his tutors fought and refought the great conflicts of the past using miniature soldiers on a tabletop field.

Along with the development of his mind came the training of his body. Boranel studied with some of the finest weaponmasters on Khorvaire, including a female Valenar elf named Eliri who taught him how to ride and fight on horseback. Eliri was the first love of Boranel’s life, but he was too young for her and foolish to think he could indulge such boyish infatuations.

When he reached adulthood and entered the Breland army, Boranel rose through the ranks swiftly, and solely by merit. Long before becoming Breland’s king, Boranel had been a general who was loved and respected by the entire army. He was also quite the womanizer, as adventurous in love as he was on the battlefield.

In his youth, Boranel was an adventurer, getting away from concerns of war and nation to explore Xen’drik, the dungeons of Sharn, and the wilds of Droaam. This adventurous spirit served him well, but Boranel has experienced highs and lows politically and in his private life. He used his popularity after his first campaign to break with tradition and marry the lady Chaseva ir’Maasat, a minor noble from Cyre whom he meet at school before returning to Breland. Enemies thought to use this seeming betrayal against him, but the Sharn Inquisitive ran a series of articles about their early encounters at the Library of Korranberg, and the entire world was charmed by a royal romance that reached across hostile borders. During a lull in the fighting, he made several expeditions to Xen’drik, taking more of a scholar’s interest in the ruins there than a treasure hunter’s zeal to loot the continent of secrets.

The joy of a happy marriage and eleven children turned to dust when his wife was assassinated on a moonless night. The sizable bounty for the killer has still never been collected. Unlike his father, Boranel overcame his grief, though he still suspects the hags of Droaam had a part in the murder. He has never forgiven them (or himself) for the loss of western Breland, and given proof of their involvement, he would launch into war against Droaam in an instant.

The truth about Chaseva ir’Maasat eventually came out. She was not murdered but in fact was secretly sold into slavery when Boranel found out she was having an affair with Sea Prince Folmer Vanos. Outraged Boranel faked her death and sold her to Zubunjo to be his concubine. For 13 years she was Zubunjos sex slave against her will. She was eventually rescued from her captivity by Charles Pliney Finley and returned to Breland where she told the people of the nation what really transpired. The citizens were outraged and demanded that Boranel relinquish his throne. Forced to step down, Boranel left Breland abruptly for parts unknown and the parliament took over governing duties of the nation.

Boranel ir’Wynarn

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