Charles Pliney Finley

Retired Brelish War Hero


Human Vangaurd of Breland
Adorned in Goblin Fullplate from the Dhakaani Empire this old man walks with cane in hand, smoking a wooden pipe through clenched teeth

Charles Finley is the proprietor of “The Longpole Inn” a fine establishment in the Dragoneyes district of Sharn.

After a covert mission to Droaam, Charles was given the title “The Queen’s Shield” when he and his team returned with Chaseva ir’Maasat the Queen of Breland at the expense of his weapon and ally N’zogek, and a spy from the gnomish country of Zilargo, who were both casualties.


A veteran of The Last War, and a sixty-seven year old man. Charles Finley has spent most of his life in a time of strife. Born and raised in a wartime Breland, he was one of many easily swayed by propaganda and patriotism and enlisted in the military the day the Queen died.
He joined a unit of rangers and served as a scout until age and orders by his superiors relegated his station away from the front.

He accompanied Drago and Dve Kulaki two members of the Karnathi military who sought the veteran’s aid bringing his retirement in Zildspar to a sudden end. Deep in a goblin tomb they unearthed N’zogek a powerful intelligent weapon that he would wield on his travels across Khorvaire

Charles Pliney Finley

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