Chaseva ir’Maasat




Chaseva ir’Maasat was born in the year 941YK to a minor noble family in Cyre. In her youth she met Boranel ir’Wynarn at the Library of Korranberg. Their romance grew and Boranel broke with tradition and asked for her hand in marriage making her the Queen of Breland. Together they had eleven children. She was a very popular queen and the nation was greatly saddened when it found out that she was murdered on a moonless night in the year of 987YK.

In truth Boranel found out she was having an affair with the Sea Prince Folmer Vanos and in his rage had her death faked and sold her into slavery as a concubine to Zubunjo. For thirteen years she severed as Zubunjos “plaything” until she was set free by Charles Pliney Finley and his friends.

They returned her to Breland and she disclosed what really happened on that night in 987YK. With the Brelish people outraged by Boranels actions he was forced to relinquish the throne and Brelands parliament took over governing duties of the nation. Chaseva remains close friends with Charles and supports Brelands parliament in their governing efforts.

Chaseva ir’Maasat

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