Figlamn the Black




Figlamn the Black is a cruel block warden and artificer whose duty is to guard the lower wards of Dreadhold prison against the creatures of Khyber. Decades ago, Figlamn pursued a group of dolgrim into the depths, inadvertently discovering that Dreadhold sits on a wealth of untapped Khyber dragonshard caverns. Keeping his actions secret from his superiors, Figlamn appropriated an abandoned loading dock with sea access and set up a dragonshard mining operation. He uses “lifer” prisoners and slaves culled from the prisoners taken by Cloudreavers raids. As far as the world knows, these slaves were killed in pirate raids and no one cares about life term prisoners, and so Figlamn is free to work them to death. He pays the Cloudreavers in dragonshards, and also uses the pirates to help smuggle shards from the principalities to mainland Khorvaire.

He was confronted by our band of heroes and was killed in battle.

Figlamn the Black

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