Lucan Stellos


Lucan is a handsome Human male in his early thirties. He has long flowing blonde hair and green eyes. He wears a finely crafted studded leather tunic, fine leather gloves and boots. A long sword hangs at his side, a fine red ruby in its pommel…


Lucan is a trusted member of The Citadel of Breland. A master swordsman, poisoner, and spy: he has defected from his country with an item he “obtained” from a Dark Lantern vault.

Update: Lucan was captured by our adventurers. It was found out he was turned into a vampire and when he had stolen the Soul Blade was compelled to flee to Karrnath and give the sword to its former master. Lucan broke himself from the will of the Soul Blade however and fled to an ancient Dhakaani Ziggurat. There with the help of Ursus the Plastered our hero’s bested Lucan. They returned him to Karrnath , blade and all.

Lucan Stellos

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