N'Zogek the Implacable Blade


This longswords blade has a lustrous purple sheen and a curved serrated edge. Its pommel is the head of a dragon and its guard is adorned with dragon claws. A dragon shard rests in the blade, guard, and pommel.


N’zogek is as alive as anyone: he just happens to be a sword. Once a Champion for his people, N’zogek joined the side of Xoriat and learned everything the enemy had to offer. He did this in order to save his people and use the secrets he discovered while learning from madness to help destroy the Lords of Madness. Unfortunately he was corrupted in the process. With the help of Vvaraak and the finest goblinoid smiths, N’zogeks “essence” was bound to an Implacable Blade. Wielded by goblin champions throughout the centuries he was placed in a trial area under Hightower after the portals from Xoriat were sealed. There he slept for thousands of years waiting to be awoken again by our heroes and help them on their adventures…

UPDATE: After Charles Pliney Finley was slain in combat, the Troll Warlord Zubunjo took N’zogek. Within a couple of weeks the sword was returned to Haruuc Shaarat’kor and Darguun became allies with Droaam.

N'Zogek the Implacable Blade

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