Stend Bakkar


This human male wears hide armor and carries a scimitar and wooden shield. His cloak is long and flowing, looking to be made of thousands of leaves interwoven with vines.


Stend was born in the Eldeen Reaches and was trained as a Druid under the tutelage of Koruun the leader of The Gatekeepers in the reigon. Stend traveled with several “Hunters” and “Aspirants” of The Gatekeepers transversing the lands of Khorvaire, seeking to destroy any aberrations they came across and making sure the Dimensional Seals held portals to Xoriat closed.

While traveling with his group in the Mournlands they came across an open portal to Xoriat in the ruined city of Eston. All of his group perished while combating the monsters that emerged from the portal, but with the help of Dve Kulaki and his friends who happened to be in the city, they were able to combat the spawn that poured out of the portal and Stend was able to close it.

Stend now travels with Dve and his group, gauging their strength, for he believes that some day soon the denizens of Xoriat will return and The Gatekeepers will need their help.

Stend Bakkar

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