A Gnomish navigator and artificer from the Lhazaar Principalities who sailed to Trebaz Sinara (978YK) in search of the tomb of Jheamast the Sarlonan explorer. His benefactor was the nobleman Elam ir’Veldras who had a ship and crew provided by the pirate captain Damog Hellscurvy. After finding the tomb, the party returned empty-handed to Port Verge where Thraxis copied and then destroyed the map and notes from Elam’s journal which showed the path leading to the tomb. The Gnome then tattooed the notes and map he destroyed onto his body using magic so Elam would have to take him on the second expedition. He soon relocated to Regalport. The second expedition never happened and in 997YK Thraxis was sentenced to Dreadhold prison for murder.

Figlamn the Black used him in his mining operation and the gnome was unfortunately killed by the denizens of Khyber. His body was retrieved by Dve Kulaki.


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