Warlord Vorik Thul



“With this sword, I will defend Karrnath to the last. Its shine is my shine, for I will be a flash of glory for Karrnath. Its sharpness is my sharpness, for I will outwit any who oppose me. Its steel is my steel, for I will neither bend nor break in my duties.”


Vorik Thul is a Warlord and Boneknight in the Karrnathi Army. He is a graduate of the Rekkenmark Academy and a High Councilor in The Order of Rekkenmark. He was granted possession of a Soul Blade by King Kaius III for his military prowess in the last war.

Unfortunately during his final battle of the last war he lost more than three quarters of his legion in a skirmish with Brelish forces. Forced to surrender: his Soul Blade was taken by one of Brelands Generals and eventually stored away in a Dark Lantern vault to be studied. Thul was returned to Karrnath in disgrace and was reduced in rank to Colonel, falling out of grace with the King and The Order.

Retiring to civilian life he took an interest in Dhakaani antiquities. Using what influence he had left he was able to join the ranks of The Kargat. With this new found power he was able to retain the services of one of his former officers Drago to scout out the Dhakaani ruin Hightower. After returning some items from the goblinoid crypt, Drago was also eventually able to recover Thuls Soul Blade from the former Brelish spy Lucan Stellos, who had stolen the sword from the Dark Latern vault and attempted to escape Breland with it.

With his sword returned to him Thuls rank of Warlord was restored and he again was in the favor of the King and The Order. Impressed with Dragos recent work Thul promoted him to the rank of Major.

Warlord Vorik Thul

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