This hulking creature stands upright. Although it has the feral
features of a troll, its rubbery green skin has a dark, metallic tinge
and it wears substantial armor. The creature holds a greatsword
with ease and is clearly a skilled warrior.


Zubunjo worked as a mercenary for Breland during the last war. He fought mostly against Karrnathi forces. After the war he allied himself with the Daughters of Sora Kell and became the Warlord of Shaklaar Draal and the surrounding area. He purchased Chaseva ir’ Massat from King Boranel. Charles Pliney Finley and Dve Kulaki died to the Warlord, but were brought back to life by various means. After Charles died Zubunjo took N’Zogek the Implacable Blade and disappeared.


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