Dimensional Seal

The dimensional seal is a minor artifact that seals off a planar manifest zone. The Gatekeepers used dimensional seals to sever the various manifest zones to Xoriat at the end of the Daelkyr War.

The origins of the magics of creating dimensional seals has been lost to time, though it is assumed that the knowledge originated with the dragon Vvaraak, the mentor of the first Gatekeeper druids. The goblins of the Dhakaani Empire tried to duplicate their magics, and an artificer named Taruuzh came close with his binding stones, but even he could not duplicate the dimensional seal.

Towards the end of the Daelkyr War, the Gatekeepers began placing these seals throughout the Shadow Marches and Eldeen Reaches after combined orc and goblin forces pushed the daelkyr armies back to the plane of Xoriat. The seals severed ties with the Realm of Madness, preventing the daelkyr from returning to Eberron.

Since the dimensional seals were created nine thousand years ago, though, their magics have been slowly deteriorating. The Gatekeeper druids have been tasked with maintaining their magics; but the Gatekeepers’ numbers grow smaller and smaller each year. Now, an estimated thousand Gatekeepers are spread across the Eldeen Reaches and the Shadow Marches. While the Gatekeepers have the ability to temporarily generate the effects of a dimensional seal, they do not have the abilities to recreate the artifacts.

A dimensional seal is a massive stone slab covered in an intricate pattern of runes and sigils.

The seal has two major effects. The first is that it projects an aura with a radius of two miles. This aura prevents effects such as teleportation, planar shifting, summoning, or dimensional travel. The second is that it contains the effects of a manifest zone, negating its influence upon the Material Plane.

In addition, the placement of these seals disturbed Xoriat’s orbit in the Astral Plane, preventing it from becoming coterminous with Eberron.

Dimensional Seal

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