Hightower was a crypt, just a few miles north of Zilspar in Breland, that was used by the Dhakaani Empire. They entombed many of their champions under the tor and it was rumored that a relic of the empire was sealed somewhere in the crypt.

Drago and Dve Kulaki were sent there by Vorik Thul to recover artifacts of the ancient empire. While in Zilspar they met a retired Brelish war-hero by the name of Charles Pliney Finley. Knowing the area well he guided them to the “Tower on the Tor”.

While there the three fought goblin undead, as well as some Jungle Boys that had been using the upper level of the crypt as an outpost. Reaching the lower levels of the crypt they battled against the Aberrations that resided there. While searching the crypt they managed to find all of the pieces of N’Zogek the Implacable Blade and restore the sword to it’s former glory.


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