9,000 years ago, the planar incursion of Xoriat transpired. Daelkyr began spilling out of the Shadow Marches, intent on subjugating Eberron to their mad will. They clashed with the Dhakaani Empire, transforming their fallen foe into grotesque creatures. The daelkyr and their servants were eventually defeated by the The Gatekeeper orcs and the remnants of the goblin army.
Since the end of the Daelkyr War, Xoriat has been kept away from Eberron by the magics of the Gatekeeper druids, taught to them by the ancient dragon Vvaraak. However, the magics of the gates have been weakening over the last thousands of years, and it is presumed that Xoriat will return.
Even now the Gatekeepers numbers dwindle and the Dimensional Seals crumble and become ineffective. After thousands of years the residents of Xoriat seek to return and finish the job they started on Eberron.
Heroes are needed once again to combat the fowl alien monstrosities that will come spilling out of the portals. Will they find some of the powerful artifacts left in the obsolete ruins of the faded Goblin Empire to help them with this task? Will our adventurers be able to combat the madness that is Xoriat? Only time will tell…

Return of Xoriat

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