Silln Highland

highland.pngThis stony plateau occupies most of Breland’s southernmost peninsula, separating the eastern crosspiece of The Hilt from the sea. Much of the area is rocky and barren, except where emerald oases of ferns and juniper trees spring up seemingly at random. Thousands of underground springs feed the small pools at the heart of each of these oases. What could be a dangerous countryside is instead somewhat park like, with the largest oases linked by the remnants of old Dhakaani roads. The stark contrast between gray-white stone and vivid green plant life has made the region popular with wealthy travelers willing to make the crossing from Sharn.

Despite its rugged beauty, Silln is not without dangers. The pools are sometimes used as meeting sites for secret cabals in Sharn, and stumbling across such groups can be deadly. Even with patrols from Flint Keep on the alert, monsters still wander the region, often coming up from the caverns that wind throughout the massive plateau. Worst of all, The Cavernbreaker Tribe, hobgoblins who retreated underground after the Daelkyr Wars, took refuge under Silln. Most of their energies are turned toward breaking the curse of Yarkuun Draal. Were Yarkuun Draal to be restored, they would make themselves known in force, claiming all of Silln as their own nation.

Charles Pliney Finley became a blood member of the Cavernbreaker Tribe . Charles, along with the Bugbear Druid Naxors: were able to tame some of the Land Sharks that reside in the area. Desrt_Shark_by_BenWootten.jpg

UPDATE: The Cavernbreaker Tribe have seceded from Breland making the Silln Highland their own independent nation.

Silln Highland

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